List of Electronic Resources

The explanation of "Off-Campus Use" in the list is intended for students, faculty, and staff of the University.

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CINAHL : Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature

CINAHL is a database of nursing literature in the UK and US. In addition to approximately 5,500 journal articles published since 1937, you can also search books (including tables of contents), doctoral dissertations, measurement scales, critical paths, Evidence-Based Care Sheets and Quick Lessons. You can use CINAHL Plus with Full Text while at the university. This database includes full-text files for more than 750 journals.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)
◆Maximum simultaneous users: 4 Please remember to log out after use.

Library Pocket Guide -- CINAHL(1.14 MB)


CiNii is a searchable database of academic resources including theses, books, journals and doctoral dissertations. CiNii Articles - Search for Japanese Articles allows you to search academic articles published in academic society journals and university research bulletins as well as articles in the National Diet Library Japanese Periodicals Index Database. CiNii Books - Search for Books in University Libraries allows you to search for books and journals held by university libraries nationwide. CiNii Dissertations - Japanese Doctoral Dissertations Search allows you to search for information on doctoral dissertations awarded by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

Library Pocket Guide -- CiNii(406.23 KB)


This website provides access to the full text of journals and medical books published by Elsevier.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

Cochrane Library

This database has systematic reviews published by Cochrane from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR 1995 onward).
You can also search for RCTs and CCTs in the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL).
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

Library Pocket Guide -- Cochrane Library(1.63 MB)

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This database provides useful information to assist in diagnosis and treatment decisions in clinical practice. About 30 clinical departments and 3,000 topics are available. You can also access it from your smartphone with the mobile app.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

EVO : Educational Video Online

This website has videos on medicine and nursing. The university has signed up for the latest Basic Nursing Skills series.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (Web Nadeshiko/Intranet materials)


This is a searchable database of both EMBASE (literature dating back to 1974) and MEDLINE (literature dating back to 1951). It also includes more than 7,500 journals and 1,100 abstracts presented at conferences since 2009.
* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

A video on how to use Embase is available on Web Nadeshiko.

eNurse Trainer

This database has videos on nursing techniques and books on nursing procedures.
* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
◆Available on and off campus using ID and password (Web Nadeshiko/Intranet materials)

Examples of books for which full text is available
  • Basic and clinical nursing skills
  • Geriatric nursing skills
  • Disease-specific nursing procedures
  • Maternal nursing

ERIC : Education Resource Information Center

This is a database of literature on education. It includes journals, books and gray literature published since 1966. It is updated several times a week. The data is provided by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

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Green FILE

This is a bibliographic database of journal articles and government publications on environmental issues (environment and agriculture, education, law, health, technology, etc.).
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

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This is a database that provides a integrated search of Japan's digital archives. You can search for various materials such as books, cultural properties, and official documents.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

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Medical Online

This database has the full text of many medical and nursing journals. To view special issues of a journal, go to E-books > List of Subscribed Books from the top of the screen.
* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)
Examples of journals for which special issues are available
  • “Ope nursing”
  • “Perinatal Care”
  • “Neo-Natal Care (With Neo)”


This MEDLINE is provided by OVID, well-known for its search database of systematic reviews.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

Minds Guidelines Library

This is a website where you can read the text of clinical practice guidelines from Japanese academic societies. The information on this website is intended not only for healthcare professionals, but for patients and their families too.
With the aim of creating an environment where all citizens can enjoy high-quality health care through the provision of various types of medical information, it is provided by the Japan Health Care Functionality Evaluation Organization.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

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◆- 2024.3.31. Cancellation-◆
APA PsycInfo is a literature database created by the American Psychological Association (APA). It contains 3.6 million pieces of data including academic papers, book chapters, theses, and reports on psychology, medicine, psychiatry and nursing.
Journal articles contain bibliographic information for more than 2,500 journals published since 1597.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

PubMed (for St. Luke's)

This database has articles and e-books in biomedical and health sciences, plus certain fields of life science, behavioral science, chemistry, and bioengineering.
If you enter from this link, the St. Luke's banner will appear in the search results, allowing you to easily request literature from subscribed electronic journals, or from outside the university.
PubMed has been made available to the public free of charge by the National Center for Biotechnology Information of the National Library of Medicine.

The following two major data MEDLINEs from PubMed are also available for use.

Use INDEX CAT to find references from 1400 to 1950 that cannot be searched in PubMed.


Free software useful for screening literature for systematic reviews, etc.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

Library Pocket Guide – Rayyan(817.48 KB)


◆- 2024.3.31. Cancellation-◆
RefWorks allows you to collect, manage, and share academic resources. You can save bibliographic information from major literature databases such as Ichushi and PubMed.
【User Guide】
  • RefWorks User's Guide, March 2022 Edition (Sunmedia, Inc. Limited to on-campus use)
  • Video manual (Sunmedia, Inc. For off-campus users, see Web Nadeshiko for access instructions)
  • RefWorks User Guide (ExLibris)
  • RefWorks Tutorial Video (YouTube ExLibris RefWorks)
Frequently asked questions about RefWorks are posted in the FAQ section of the Center website.

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SLIU Repository

This website publishes research findings from St. Luke's International University.
It contains full-text data of the Bulletin of St. Luke's International University, the Bulletin of St. Luke's College of Nursing and the Journal of St. Luke's Nursing Society, as well as theses and reports from the 21st Century COE project.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes


This database provides quick access to recommended treatment methods for use in clinical practice.
It covers 25 medical fields. The basis for the information is a hand-search of over 400 peer-reviewed journals, as well as database searches and medical guidelines.
The authors are approximately 7,000 clinicians who are experts in their fields.
* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (Web Nadeshiko/Intranet materials)
Click here to see how to set up UpToDate Anywhere for use with smartphones (links to external website)

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Webcat Plus

This database can be used to search the catalog data for libraries nationwide, especially university libraries in Japan, which is provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII).
For books, detailed table of contents information will also be displayed. For books in Japanese and English, you can also select the Associative Search option, which is based on the number of common words used.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

あ to わ (Contents in Japanese)

医学・薬学予稿集全文データベース / Full-text database of medical and pharmaceutical proceedings

This is a database of proceedings in the fields of medicine and pharmacology. You can even see the full abstracts.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

医書jp /

You can use (medical texts) All Access to view the full text of medical and nursing journals.

* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

医中誌Web / Ichushi-Web

This is a leading database for searching medical literature in Japan. Journal articles published after 1946 can be found here.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (学認/Shibboleth authentication)

Library Pocket Guide -- Ichushi-web(633.70 KB)

厚生労働科学研究成果データベース / MHLW Research Results Database

This is a database of research reports funded by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW). You can see the text of the reports since 1998.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

国試web - 看護師/保健師国家試験問題 / Kokushi Web: the National Exam Questions for Nurse/Public Health Nurse

This database contains 14 years of past exam questions, mock tests, and anticipated questions.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (Web Nadeshiko/Intranet materials)

国立国会図書館オンライン / National Diet Library Online

You can search the collection of the National Diet Library and request copies.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

At the university, you can use the Digital Material Delivery to Libraries service (a service that allows you to browse materials that are out of print or difficult to obtain from the computers in the library).

【Digital Materials Delivery to Library service】
* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
If the search result shows In National Diet Library/Deliver to Library, the full text can be browsed from a specific computer in the library.
You can use this service during the library counter service hours.
To photocopy materials, fill out the photocopy application form, and the photocopy will be made by a librarian. In some cases, the requested copy may not be available until the following day.

Please refer to the National Diet Library website for details on the service.

今日の診療webプレミアム / Konnichi-no-shinryo web premium

◆- 2024.3.31. Cancellation-◆
You can read the following books.
Includes Modern Treatment Guidelines, Clinical Laboratory Data Book, Manual of Therapeutics, Internal Medicine Diagnosis, New Clinical Internal Medicine and Igaku Shoin Medical Dictionary
* This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the university.
◆Access from off-campus: No

最新看護索引web / Saishin Kango Sakuin web: Nursing Index

This is a generic name for the nursing literature database edited by the Nursing Education and Research Center Library of the Japan Nurses Association.
The database contains primarily the journals since 1987, and about 790 journals are available. For the 2002 edition or newer, only the articles classified under the following categories are included: Original, Research, Survey, Case, Practice, Materials, Review, Recommendation, Precedent, and Law.
The Journal of the Japanese Nursing Association published by the Japanese Nursing Association has been digitized as of 2011 (the 42nd issue) and thus the printed editions are no longer published.
The electronic version can be viewed and downloaded from the Latest Nursing Index web.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes (Web Nadeshiko/Intranet materials)

るかこ / Lukaco

This is a catalog of the university's library collection. You can search for books, journals, and special articles in journals, and check the location and status of individual items.
You can also reserve items that are currently on loan.
Click here to use Lukaco on a smartphone.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes

るかこ+ / Lukaco+

Lukaco+ allows you to search the library's paper collection as well as subscribed electronic resources all at once.
You can search by title of the article, the title of the book, the name of the journal, or keywords.
◆Access from off-campus: Yes