General instructions for using the library

When using the facilities, please follow the instructions of the staff, try to use the facilities in the best way, and observe the following rules:

  • Refrain from chatting in the reading room so as not to disturb other people.
  • Put your mobile phone on silent mode and go outside the library when you make calls.
  • Do not eat or drink in the library. Please note this does not apply to water consumption that is necessary for health reasons.
  • Drinks should be in a sealed container such as a plastic bottle or water bottle. Keep the lid closed securely except when drinking, and be careful not to get your desk or materials wet with water droplets from the bottle. Do not bring drinks in containers that cannot be sealed, such as cans, paper cartons, paper cups, into the library.
  • When using the materials, please handle them with care and do not cut, write on, or deface them.
  • If you have caused damage to materials, equipment, or facilities, notify the library immediately and follow the procedures to compensate for such damages.
  • Do not monopolize the seats by leaving your belongings on a desk for long periods of time or in other ways. Depending on the situation, bags may be removed and materials returned.
  • Users should borrow and return the materials at their own responsibility. Do not take materials out of the library without checking out, nor lend them to a third party.
  • If the Book Detection System (BDS) is activated while you are carrying your bags, we may check the contents of those bags.
  • Carry your university-issued ID (or library card) with you at all times, and be responsible for your personal belongings.