Theses/dissertations and the repository

The university publishes theses and dissertations on the internet through the St. Luke's International University Repository (SLIU Repository). This section explains how to register your thesis.

What is St. Luke's International University Repository?

The Repository is a system for disseminating the university's research results internationally via the internet. The Repository holds digitized versions of theses and dissertations as well as research results from the university such as bulletins, research reports from KAKENHI and COE programs, academic journal articles by faculty members and conference presentation materials, for dissemination within and outside the university. The St. Luke's International University Open Access Policy, released in FY2019, allows faculty and staff to self-archive their academic results.

Why register your thesis in the Repository?

Government regulations require doctoral dissertations to be published on the internet. St. Luke's International University has decided to publish its theses in the SLIU Repository, via which the digitized versions are also collected by the National Diet Library.
The regulations do not specifically require Master's theses, research projects and reports for practical assignments to be registered. However by doing so you can gain exposure to researchers around the world and can disseminate your research results more widely.

Electronic data in the Repository

The electronic data of the submitted thesis will be handled in accordance with the St. Luke's International University Academic Information Repository Detailed Regulations. The author retains the copyright of the thesis. Publication on the internet will be made in accordance with the Application for Registration of Academic Information Repository (Thesis) submitted with the electronic data.

To register in the repository

Submit your thesis in electronic form and the Application for Registration of Academic Information Repository (Thesis) to the Educational Records and Programs Section together with any relevant documents.

(1) Electronic version of thesis (final version)

Provide the final version of the thesis in PDF format after completing thesis defense. The files should be created separately as follows.
Do not add security protections to any files.






Abstract of Paper



Reference and citation list



Full text including figures, tables, references and appendices



Appendices, survey forms, etc.

PDF files are used for registration and publication in the form intended by the author. If you do not know how to make PDF files, ask at the Learning Community Support Office (Learning Commons 302, 3rd floor of the Main Library). There is a computer in the library where you can use Acrobat.

(2) Application Form for Registration of Academic Information Repository (Dissertation)

The application form is how the author agrees to publication of their thesis on the internet. Be sure to read the form carefully and fill in the required information. The form is distributed by the Educational Affairs and Student Affairs Division together as part of thesis-related documents, and can also be obtained from the Academic Information Center page of Web Nadeshiko.
Consult with your academic adviser regarding the scope of publication. The application form must be signed by your academic adviser. Please note that unsigned applications will not be accepted.

In cases where the full text of the thesis cannot be published

The research findings will be published on the internet to the extent possible.

(1) When it contains copyrighted materials such as figures and tables for which permission has not been obtained

The work will be published except for the affected portions.

(2) When permission from co-authors cannot be obtained

If all or part of the thesis is a joint work and permission cannot be obtained from the co-authors, this fact will be stated and the rest of the work will be published.

(3) When there is a privacy issue

This fact will be stated and the rest of the work will be published.

(4) When there is a contract with the publisher

If all or part of the thesis has already been published or is scheduled to be published in an academic journal, book, or other publication, and publication is prevented by a publishing contract with an academic society or publisher or copyright transfer contract or equivalent agreement, the bibliographic information for the relevant part will be stated and the rest of the work will be published.

(5) When the author is willing to publish the work but not confirmed

If you wish to publish all or part of your thesis in an academic journal, book, or other publication in the near future, the publication of your thesis will be postponed for a certain period of time. The maximum grace period is five years from the date of conferral of the degree. As soon as publication is confirmed, it will be published online in the same manner as in (4) above.

(6) When there is a period of time when publication is not possible due to patent applications

This fact will be stated and the rest of the work will be published.