User Guide for Associates

Access hours are different for associate members. Check the latest Center News and the library counter calendar.
The following users can use the library as associate members.
For graduates and alumni, refer to the User Guide for Graduates and Alumni.
  • Members of St. Luke's Society for Nursing Research
  • Joint researchers of St. Luke's faculty and staff
  • Volunteers at St. Luke's International University
Registered associate members can use the following library services.

・Browsing, borrowing, and copying of materials
・Access to electronic resources (available only on PCs in the library)
 *Some e-resources are not available. Please refer to the E-resource list.
 *Off-campus access to e-resources other than those available free of charge is not available.

For more information refer to the following guides.

Visiting the Library

Use the library entrance on the second floor of the main building. The door is locked at all times. Use the intercom next to the door to request that it be unlocked.
On your first visit, go to the library counter to complete the necessary procedures.

Registration and Renewal

When you use the library for the first time, report at the counter that you are a member of St. Luke's Society for Nursing Research, a joint researcher, or a volunteer of the University and apply for a user card.
The user card is valid for one year from the date of issue (or for joint researchers, the period of joint research). The application fee is 1,000 yen.
You can also apply in advance online.
Go to the User Registration page and fill in an Associate Member application.
When you arrive in the library, report at the counter that you have already applied online and complete the registration process.

See below for the documents required for registration.

Joint Researchers (Researcher, Graduate School of Nursing)

Ask a faculty or staff member at the university with whom you are collaborating to submit an Application for Use of the Library by Researchers and Co-researchers in advance.
If you are a visiting researcher at the PCC Department, ask the Department to submit this application.
You will need to present documents to verify your identity such as a driver's license or insurance card.

Member of St. Luke's Society for Nursing Research

Present proof of your membership and address, such as an envelope from the society mailing list.

Volunteer at St. Luke's International University

Provide documentation that identifies you as a volunteer.

Opening Hours and Closing Days

You can use the library only during opening hours. 
Check the latest Center News and the library counter calendar.

Closing days

You cannot enter or use the library when it is closed.

Sundays, holidays stipulated in the Act on National Holidays, New Year holiday period, undergraduate general entrance examinations
Special arrangement periods such as stock-take and associated procedures, university vacation periods, and library maintenance

Use of Materials

1)Browsing and copying

You can freely browse and copy materials in the reading room. Materials that have not been checked out should be deposited on the book wagons on each floor. Do not return them to the shelves.

To access materials in the closed stacks or in the old library, inquire at the library counter with details such as title, call number and publication ID.

The rights of authors of books, journal articles and other publications are protected under the Copyright Act. Photocopying of materials is subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act (Law No. 48 of 1970). Library materials can be photocopied if all of the following conditions are met:
 ・The use of the copied materials is for research and study.
 ・Only one copy is made of the same item per person.
 ・Only a part of the work is copied.
  Works published in periodicals may be copied in their entirety if a reasonable period of time has elapsed since publication (generally when the next issue has been published or three months have passed since publication).
 ・The copies will not be redistributed or distributed.

The photocopiers in the library are available for copying library materials only.

The photocopiers are card-operated. Cards are available at the library counter.


To take materials out of the library, complete the loan procedure at the library counter or at an automatic loan machine. A user card is required for borrowing.

Once an item is returned, it cannot be borrowed immediately by the same person. This is to ensure access to as many different people as possible.

Some materials like rare books, dissertations and designated books are available for in-library use only.

You can check the materials you have borrowed at My Library > Loan/Reservation Status.

Materials category

Maximum number of loans

Loan period

Period after renewal


3 items

1 week

1 week

Journals and reference books


Overnight loans

Overnight loans

Audio-visual materials (for on-campus use only)


Same-day return

Not permitted



Loans can be renewed prior to the end of the loan period only once, and only if there is no other reservation on the item. The loan period of audiovisual materials cannot be extended.

The extension period is calculated from the date renewal.

Loans can be extended via My Library.

You can also inquire at the library counter or over the phone during library counter hours. When using an outside line telephone (03-5550-2251), you will need to provide your staff number and the ID number of the borrowed material.


Materials must be returned to the counter before the end of the loan period.

VHS and DVD materials should be returned directly to the library counter rather than in the return slot or the material return post, to prevent damage.

If you are unable to return an item due to illness, disaster, or other unavoidable reasons, contact the library first.

Materials returned by post should be placed in a plastic bag to protect from water damage and staining, and provided with protective padding as appropriate.
Use registered mail or a courier service in order to keep a record.
The day the materials arrive at the library is the return date. Keep a copy of the receipt until you are certain that the materials have arrived safely.
Please note that you are required to pay shipping costs.


 If the materials you wish to use are on loan, you can reserve them using Lukaco (Online Library Catalog).
You can check the status of reserved materials in My Library > Loan/Reservation Status.

When the reserved materials are available, the library will contact you at the email address in My Library.
Books will be kept at the library counter for one week and journals for three days after the date of notification.

6)Overdue penalties

If materials are not returned after the prescribed due date, the library will send you a reminder.

If you have not returned the materials by the due date, you will not be able to borrow new materials until the overdue materials are returned.

7)Lost, damaged and destroyed materials

If you have lost, damaged or destroyed any materials, you must notify the library immediately.

Normally if an item is badly stained or damaged upon return or cannot be located within a reasonable period of time, you will need to supply a replacement. If you cannot obtain the item, you will be required to compensate the library for the replacement cost.

My Library

The following procedures can be completed online at My Library.
 ・Confirmation of materials on loan and return date
 ・Confirmation of status of reserved materials and cancellation of reservation
 ・Renewal of loans

Using Library Computers

The computers in the library can be used for library services such as Lukaco and database searches. Please do not use other university services such as Office.

Inquire at the library counter. You will be asked to sign a consent form, and a password will be issued.

The password is changed from time to time. If you find the password you were issued is no longer valid, ask at the library counter for a new one.

Students, faculty, and staff of the university have priority. Please note that computers may not be available at particularly busy times.

Databases and Electronic Resources

Some of the e-resources subscribed to by the University are available for use from PCs in the library.
 *Some e-resources are not available. Please refer to the E-resource list.
 *Off-campus access to e-resources other than those available free of charge is not available.

You can use the databases subscribed to by the university. However, please refrain from registering as a user of databases or electronic journals.

When you use electronic journals and other electronic materials, print out one copy per person. Please do not use PDF or other files directly; save them first onto a USB device or to the cloud or email them to yourself.

Reference Service

Questions that can be answered on the spot (such as where to find materials) will be accepted, but literature search consultations will not be available.

Request for Purchase of Materials and Services Through Inter-Library System

We do not accept requests to purchase materials. In addition, we do not take orders of photocopies or original documents from other libraries or organizations, nor do we issue letters of introduction to other institutions.

Use of Facilities

Study Rooms, the library area in the Old Building, and the adjacent Learning Commons are not available for use.