User Guide for Non-SLIU Users

Use of the Library by Non-SLIU Users

As part of our agreement with other libraries, we accept visits and inter-library loans from external users provided that it does not interfere with the use of the library by users from St. Luke's International University (SLIU).
When using our university library, identify the materials you wish to browse in advance and follow the procedures below.
Click here to see the library collection of the university.
Rikkyo University students who are taking courses at St. Luke's International University do not need to contact the university in advance or obtain a letter of introduction.

Visiting the Library

Before you visit

A written letter of introduction (or application for use of materials) issued by a library is required in order to visit our university library.
Please consult your institution's library/office or a public library to obtain a letter of introduction.

The letter of introduction should list the material(s) you wish to browse.
If you plan to visit the library on more than one day, you will need a letter of introduction for each day.

Advance Notifications

Advance notifications are accepted by fax up to the day before you wish to use the service.
The advance notification must be sent from the library that issues the letter of introduction, not by the person who wishes to use the library.

The following information must be included in an advance notification.

  • Name of the material you wish to browse, and whether you wish to reserve it
  • Preferred date and time of visit
  • Name and affiliation of the person visiting the library

Please note that you may be requested to change the date and time.
In some cases, the requested materials may not be available for use or reservation.
The letter of introduction must be issued after confirmation from our university regarding availability of the service.

Library, Center for Academic Resources, St. Luke's International University


What to Bring When You Visit

Please present the following two items at the counter.

  • Personal identification documents
    • Health insurance card, staff ID, student ID, etc.
  • Letter of introduction issued by your institution's library (or office) or a nearby library (such as a public library)

Service Hours

Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closing Days

  • Sundays, holidays stipulated in the Act on National Holidays
  • New Year holiday period
  • Undergraduate general entrance examinations
  • Stock-take and associated procedures

Note: Opening hours and days are subject to change. Check the library website for the latest information.

Entering the Library

Present your personal identification document and letter of introduction at the counter.

Services Available

Materials are available only for browsing and photocopying.

Borrowing is not permitted.
Library computers are not available to visitors. Please identify the items in the collection that you wish to browse prior to your visit.
The Old Building (formerly the Medical Library) is not open to visitors.

Requests for photocopying can be made at the counter.
You will need to fill out a photocopy application form confirming that the scope of photocopying complies with the Copyright Act.
Please pay the photocopying fee in cash at the counter.

You may photocopy no more than half of the text for academic theses (Master's theses and doctoral dissertations). To photocopy more than that, you will need to contact the author and obtain permission. (Show proof of permission in writing.)

Services through Inter-Library System

 This is a service that allows you to borrow materials from the collections of other libraries.
We do not respond to direct requests from individuals.
Please submit your request through your institution's library/office or a public library.
For more information, refer to this page (CiNii)
FAQ about ILL from other libraries is here.